Ɛntɛrnɛ́tɛ | Internet

Ɛntɛrnɛ́tɛ | Internet

Lingala Vision
The first visual dictionary in Lingala https://lingalavision.com
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Búku ya ndimbola https://ln.wikipedia.org
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Approfondir son vocabulaire avec des apps ludiques. | Improve your vocabulary with funny apps.
     Biléi 1 https://learningapps.org/15777796
     Biléi 2 
     Ekúmbi https://learningapps.org/4581965
     Esálele ya mizíki https://learningapps.org/15425574
     Eyenga ya Mbótama tǒ Nɔ́ɛlɛ https://learningapps.org/4343392
     Kompíta tǒ Esálela https://learningapps.org/14607533
     Lángi 1 https://learningapps.org/5107270
     Lángi 2 https://learningapps.org/5107332
     Mbuma 1 https://learningapps.org/16207140
     Nzóto https://learningapps.org/5475954 [audio]
     Pásika https://learningapps.org/4899958
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